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Skip Bin Hire: 4 Advantages Of Mobile Bins

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Skip bins come in several shapes and designs. One type of skip bin design that stands out from the rest is mobile bins. These are conventional skip bins that have wheels on them. Some feature one axle while others, especially the larger ones, feature two axles. Unlike other skip bins that are typically loaded atop a truck, mobile skip bins are towed via a typical A-frame that forms the chassis of the bin. In this article, learn the different advantages of using these bins for your different garbage collection needs.

No council permits

In most urban locations around the country, skip bins cannot be left out on the street unless one has a special permit from the local council. This often happens when you do not have enough space at home or at work to store the bin. The only exception to this is mobile bins, as these can be moved out of the way in case there is any obstruction. As a result, when you hire mobile bins, you can leave them by the roadside, if need be, and you will not need to apply for a permit at all.

Can be moved around during garbage collection

Another benefit of mobile skip bins is that you can move them around your location if you want to collect trash more easily around your property. For example, if you hire a mobile bin at home, you can move it from the lawn, garden, farm and other location as you collect the garbage in those locations. The same applies to large settings such as event venues, industrial parks, etc.

Can be used to transport trash from one location to another

You can also take the use of your mobile bin further and use it to relocate trash from one place to another. For example, you can tow your mobile skip bin and use it to move scrap metal from your property to a scrap metal recycler. In the same way, you can use the same bins to move yard waste from your farm to your back garden. This allows you to enjoy more function from the bins, unlike stationary bins which one cannot transport about.

Enjoy less damage to the ground

Mobile bins are also gentler to the ground because they feature inflated rubber tyres, unlike other bins that have solid steel frames. As a result, when you hire mobile bins, you can be assured that they will not cause any damage if placed on the lawn, driveway or any other paved area in your home or property. Needless to say, this will conserve the aesthetics of your property and save you from seeking repairs.

Just like conventional skip bins, mobile bins come in different sizes and can be hired for set durations as well. Talk to your skip bin hire company to order a unit.