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Construction Waste Management: What Determines the Cost of Concrete Removal?

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When carrying out a construction or renovation project that involves a little demolition, you will have to come up with a way of managing concrete waste. That's because concrete is one of the key materials used in most construction projects. So, if you are planning on knocking down a few walls or tearing down concrete floors, you have to dispose of the waste correctly so as to maintain a clean and safe working site. However, just like any other construction waste, concrete requires the proper disposal channels, and that's why you need to hire a waste removal service. This article will address some of the primary issues that the disposal company will consider when calculating the service costs.

Nature of the removal project

The nature of the project and the amount of concrete to be removed will be a key factor in determining the overall costs. If you are knocking down a large concrete wall, the manpower, equipment, and techniques required, will not be the same as when removing a concrete patio. For this reason, the latter project will cost you more as compared to the former. Similarly, if a lot of risks are involved in the concrete removal project, the disposal company will charge more as well. If the waste generated from the project will take the crew a whole day to collect and load up in trucks, you will incur more as compared to when dealing with little concrete waste.

Location considerations

Rubbish disposal companies will take the location of your construction site into consideration when calculating the fees. For a project that's located far away from the company's premises, the disposal service will incur higher costs of fuel and transportation. In this case, the company may even have to find a large truck for one collection trip as transporting waste in multiple trips may cost you much more. In this light, it is worth choosing a removal company that's located near your site. This way, you can minimize the overall waste collection costs on your site.

Additional services

Rubbish removal companies offer services other than waste collection. Some will carry out removal, collection and disposal services while others will offer post-removal cleanup services. If you need a package that comes with pre- and post-collection services, you will pay more than a contractor who just needs concrete waste collected from the site. However, getting all the services from one company enables you to negotiate for discounts. What's more, you don't have to engage your workers in cleanup work which will divert them from their main duties on the site.

Contact a rubbish removal company so that you can discuss your concrete removal needs and the associated costs.