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Essential Rubbish Removal Etiquette

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Rubbish removal is an integral part of keeping households clean and family members healthy. Besides, it plays a crucial role in decluttering junk. Therefore, hiring professional rubbish removal services is vital. That said, there is etiquette to proper rubbish removal, but some households don't know it. Rubbish removal does not mean that you should throw best practices out of the window. This article highlights rubbish removal etiquette every homeowner must observe.

Leave Bin Out on Collection Days Only 

You must have visited neighbourhoods where some pavements and driveways are dotted with garbage bins every day of the week. Leaving bins on the street and driveways in this manner makes your house and the neighbourhood look untidy and dirty. Moreover, the filth attracts pests on front lawns, which devalues properties in the area. Therefore, good rubbish removal manners dictate that you only leave a bin on your driveway on garbage collection days. Once rubbish removal staffers collect the trash, you should return a bin to your backyard as soon as possible. It keeps pavements clear and prevents accidents with children running or riding their bicycles around a residential area.

Do Not Leave Bin Liners Beside a Bin 

In some cases, you might have a lot of waste to the extent that it does not fit inside your garbage bin. Thus, some people place the rest of the rubbish in plastic paper bags and place them beside a container on a driveway. Unfortunately, some households are surprised when rubbish removal staffers leave any waste leaning beside a trash can. The reason for this is that your contract with a service provider states that they are only responsible for garbage inside a garbage bin. Therefore, anything lying close to a bin could come from anywhere and is not part of their job. The best approach is to keep excess waste in your backyard and only walk out with it when a rubbish truck arrives. If you do so, they may understand your predicament and accept the additional waste.

Using Neighbour's Bin 

It might seem innocent to dump rubbish inside your neighbour's trash can. However, it is illegal and often considered trespassing, especially if a bin is on their property. Legalities aside, disposing of your waste in your neighbour's bin when it is already full presents moral issues. The reason is that rubbish removal companies often do not empty overflowing bins whose lids cannot shut completely. Therefore, your actions might irritate your neighbour by affecting their rubbish removal schedule. If you must use your neighbour's bin, ask for permission first to avoid conflict.