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Questions You Might Ask a Rubbish-Management Company Before Hiring

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Hiring a rubbish-management company is imperative for any business owner, as this can ensure your building always looks neat and clean and reduces the risk of rodents and other pests nesting on your property. When you are ready to hire a rubbish-management company, note a few questions you might first ask to ensure you know what's involved and that you don't overlook any services they might offer.

Always ask how they manage any special scheduling

Rubbish is usually collected from companies on certain days of the week, so be sure you have a calendar of holidays beforehand and know how their collection is managed at this time, whether it's done before or after your usual day. You may want to also ask if you can get a discount on collection days that aren't needed, such as for companies that shut down production around the holidays, during summer and at other such times.

Ask about charges for added pickups and full bins

Your company may need added pickup during certain times of the year, when production increases or when you do a cleaning of files. Ask about any added charges or whether you even get a discount for scheduling these in advance. Don't try to overload the rubbish bins to avoid this charge and thus wind up with overflowing bins on your property. You might face added fees from your rubbish-removal company for having overloaded bins, so it's good to ask how to schedule added pickups in advance.

Ask whether they charge more to recycle

It's good to recycle as many items as possible, even in an office, so that you aren't contributing to landfills and their resultant pollution. Many rubbish companies will gladly collect your recyclable items as part of their pickup; you may need to sort the items into separate bins, or they may be collected at different times than your standard rubbish. Other companies may charge extra to collect your recycling, so be sure you ask upfront so you know what to expect and what is required with this service.

Ask what is considered hazardous

You may not think that an office would have "hazardous" rubbish, but this can include cooking oils and grease, paint, batteries and other such materials. Ask for a list of hazardous items and how they can be disposed of or whether there are restrictions against their collection so your rubbish is not refused and so you don't face special fees or fines.